Sunday, June 21, 2009

Be A Good Father: Circumcise Your Son

It's Father's Day in the USA and many other countries -- a great day to remember that good fathers circumcise their sons.

The good news is that most dads in this country, who are thankfully circumcised, understand the importance of continuing the "family tradition." Despite the great efforts of the anti-circs to portray these dads as mindless butchers, most fathers know that the greatest gift they can give their sons is a clean healthy foreskin-free penis with which to perpetuate the generations.

On Father's Day, my greatest respect goes out to uncircumcised fathers who choose to circumcise their sons. There are a growing number of these dads who not only recognize the health benefits they are conferring on their boys but who are also beginning a new family tradition of clean-cut healthy males. If you are one of those dads, you are very special and deserve special thanks this Father's Day.

Of course, the worst fathers are those circumcised dads who have been so manipulated by the anti-circ foreskin lovers that they mistakenly impose a filthy foreskin on their sons. One can only hope they get smarter because it's never too late to circumcise.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. I agree 100% with this comment. My Dad was not circumcised but both he and my Mother made sure I was befor leaving the hospital - Thanks Dad. Your the greatest Dad a guy could have.

  2. I agree, the kid doesn't have the right to choose over his owmn body. Ha ha

  3. jbh, you have made this Father's Day. Thanks for that awesome salute to your dad. When an uncircumcised father makes sure his sons are clean-cut, you know you have a great dad!

  4. Yes, indeed, it's a father's privilege and also duty to assure that his sons are duly circumcised. Circumcision is a wonderful bond between generations of male in a family.


  5. Perhaps the children will think differently when they know that this information is available from a childrens rights orgnisation.

  6. haha, her you go again linda!

    none of those links acknowledge, the use of anaesthetic, the recent research showing plenty of benefits.

    you have formed a pretty one sided opinion, dont you think?

  7. The Canadian Childrens Rights Council works on behalf of children. You obviously did not read the site on what is lost by circumcision and the legal and ethical implications.

  8. but nothing is 'lost' during a circumcision, nothing at all.

    and there are legal and ethical implications of doing your job as a father. whether circumcision should be done is an issue for fathers, not middle aged female hippies like you.

  9. I am not making personal comments about you really ae very pass remarkable something I was taught in childhod as being very rude. Why is circumcision an issue for fathers and not mothers?

  10. "Circumcision is a wonderful bond between generations of male in a family."

    That is sick.

  11. I, for one, am grateful every day for having been circumcised as a one-day old infant. And while I wouldn't go as far as calling circumcision a "gift", it's certainly an obligation that fathers (and mothers alike) should take seriously, along with immunization and other necessary health precautions. Little boys can, and should, be taught to keep themselves clean down there, and circumcision ensures that his penis remains cleaner between baths or showers. Having a clean penis is important to me, and probably even more so to my wife, who often compliments me on both my cleanliness and my tidy circumcision. There is no doubt what we will do if and when we have a son: he will definitely get the snip at birth - and carry on our cherished tradition of circumcised males.

  12. linda, sad old washed up middle aged hippie feminists like you cannot bear the thought of men carrying out traditions, least of all traditions like circumcision.

    you and your cronies at no-circ like to target women because they are more easily manipulated by your egregious emotive drivel you try to pass of as 'education'.

    men have every right to carry on traditions like circumcision and they should have their sons circumcised if thats what they think is right.

  13. Mike there you go again I will be be riled into name calling It is so imature. Both parents have rights to care for their children and the courts have already ruled that when parents do not agree on circumcision the child must be left to decide for himself. You have a lot to learn about manners and circumcision

  14. "nothing is 'lost' during a circumcision, nothing at all"

    And that is absurd.

    "our cherished tradition of circumcised males"

    If it's not religious, your "tradition" probably goes back no more than 100 years. Whatever, you have millions of years of "tradition" of intact males before that.

  15. hahahahaha, linda linda linda,,

    'when in doubt; circumcise' is the mantra of an australian doctor, who is very well respected, he keeps abreast of cutting edge research showing circumcision has real benefits.

    manipulating women into thinking circumcision is bad is evil and that is what you do. i know plenty of women who have vowed to have their sons circumcised because of past experiences with foreskins.

    just accept circumcision, it is something that will be around for much longer than you will live and what with all the new research coming out it will increase while you are alive, and show you up as the sad old new age hippy you are.

  16. Pete, thanks for your thoughtful post. I'm not married yet, but you can be certain that my sons will be circumcised, as long as we can keep the anti-circs from restricting our parental responsibilities. You are right: circumcision is "certainly an obligation that fathers (and mothers alike) should take seriously, along with immunization and other necessary health precautions." Thanks for contributing to this blog.

  17. Mike if you think that the Children's Rights movement will go away in my life time of after it you do not understand human rights law. Provoking debate this is not about restricting parental responsibilities but of promoting the rights of children.

  18. New website lauched to protect children

  19. Linda, that website was launched several months ago, and it's basically Nocirc repositioned to look less threatening. But the message is the same -- take away a parents' right to act responsibly by denying a child the protective act of circumcision. More anti-circ bullshit.

  20. The new improved website was officially launched on the 22nd of Jun if you care to look at it.

  21. Couldn't agree more. But why do you exclude females? Good fathers (and good mothers, too) circumcise their sons - and daughters!
    Of course, good fathers (and good mothers, too) get circumcised before circumcising their offspring.

  22. When blood-brothers bond, it's by mutual consent. The father-son "bond" of circumcision is more like the brand of a slave-owner on his slave.

  23. We also need to remember to circumcise our daughters. It eliminates the risk of vulvar cancer, and when done by a doctor in first few days of life the pain won't be remembered. Circumcision improves hygiene by removing the redundant folds of labia that harbour harmful bacteria. Uncircumcised women smell atrocious, and quite frankly an uncircumcised woman looks weird. There's nothing lost - just useless folds of skin. Circumcised women have just as much sexual sensation, and a circumcised girl will thank her parents. It's a parental right and a cultural prerogative. I'm tired of these anti-circ nuts trying to restrict our hallowed cultural traditions. I'm circumcised, and I plan to give my daughters the same benefit.

  24. This link might be some good food for thought.

    I am a nurse practitioner and my husband and I are considering whether or not to circumcise our son. We want to be informed on all medical aspects of the procedure and found this website very helpful.

    Could you post research supporting your opinion?

  25. I am 33 years old and uncircumcised. I have had the desire to be circumcised ever since I saw a circumcised penis for the first time. Any sons I have will have a complete circumcision at birth. A circumcised penis has been proven to be healthier and I know what it is like to desire to be circumcised and not have the funds to have it completed.

  26. this is a necessary procedure, shame on you who do not believe in the protection of ur child!

  27. I was unable to urinate and was about to die. My parents took me to the doctor and got it done. I am grateful to my parents for circumcising me. It avoided a lot of problems in the future. It is also a good idea to cut the frenulum part of it. Uncut = unclean

  28. I got circumcised at 15 and I regret it to this day and I am now 23 years old, The huge loss of sensation comes from the fact that the foreskin is full of erotic nerves . Fathers that circumcise there males are dumb Americans which their are plenty of. 85 % of males worldwide are intact and injoying great sex without listening to all that PRO CIRCUMCISION BULLSHIT coming from men in denial and Docters''PROFIT''. Pull your skin back and wash ,not hard.

  29. Wow... what a horrendous blog. As a Canadian, I find it absolutely shocking that this sort of propaganda exists. I sure hope no one actually falls for this! This barbaric practice is fortunately losing ground in all of the western world - even in the behind-the-times USA.

    This sort of trash will become less and less common as time progresses. Parents: PLEASE do not pay attention to websites like this. As an uncircumcised man now in his late-20s, I would very much resent if my parents had decided to chop off a very useful part of my penis. If I wanted to get circumcised (which I never, ever would) I have the option of making that decision for myself as an informed adult.

  30. Hey, caught your post as I was researching my own. I may have a good argument for you @ or "Fodder 4 Fathers." Check it out! I too like a good debate as you will see (if you're still around)?

  31. "'when in doubt; circumcise' is the mantra of an australian doctor, who is very well respected, he keeps abreast of cutting edge research showing circumcision has real benefits."

    Oh, you'd be talking about Brian Morris - the circumfetishist.

    Explanation of circumfetish:

    Beware anyone by the name of Brian Morris, Jake Waskett, or sites like:**

    *NOT to be confused with the reputable site

    Further info on Morris:

    Mandatory circumcision is a human rights violation. It should be banned unless there's an immediate/severe medical issue (which is extremely rare).

  32. We have another baby that was given this wonderful "gift" operation just recently. Jamaal Coleson. It's true he wont have to worry about HIV or HPV and his parents wont have to worry about cleaning his penis anymore...

    ...because he DIED from the procedure. He never even lived long enough to be mentally scarred from the procedure, and now his parents have no baby.

    What do you have to say about all your BS false "benefits" now?

  33. I suspect the owner of this blog just posts all the pro circ bs himself. Truly a scary echo chamber, this twisted weirdo has.

  34. Circumcision is fine, as long as the person being circumcised chooses to do it!!! This is a simple issue of human rights people, not about a "duty" to perform. Circumcision is not recommended by ANY health organization in the world. Circumcision DOES take away a whole bunch of good stuff by the way... ever wonder why the U.S. uses nearly 50% of the worlds viagra and cialis, yet they only comprise about 5% of the worlds population? Nobody dies from having a foreskin... but plenty of people die from having a circumcision. HIS body HIS choice. Leave it up to him to decide.

  35. Long John SilverApril 6, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    Some datapoints.

    I am circumcised. I am glad that I was, and I am glad that it was done near birth.

    I have never had a problem with lack of sensations as a result. If the procedure has reduced sensitivity, then the end result is that I am able to take more time with my partner, if you know what I mean. It has not prevented me functioning, nor has it caused any loss of enjoyment.

    Had my son circumcised in the hospital, after being assured they would use an anesthetic. Those should be the only two requirements: parental approval in proxy for the child, and adequate anesthesia. After all, all parents are acting in proxy for their male children, because the majority of men prefer circumcision, and prefer that it was done at infancy for themselves. (Me included)

    Many older boys and young men go through a period where they cannot or choose not to practice daily careful cleaning. Circumcision prevents many possible complications from sweating while active, skipping a shower, etc.

    Every parent must choose, regardless of their choice. Most men who are circumcised are glad that they were, and are glad that they didn't have to wait until fully developed to do so.

    After careful consideration, the only sense of loss I feel is the loss of being so sensitive that I could not control myself long enough to benefit my partner more. And she, and most women, prefer men who do not present the health risks that an uncircumcised male would.

    If you don't choose to circumcise your own son, that is your choice, and will be between you and him when he is older.

    But don't try to force me, or my son, or anyone else, to abandon a practice that, at worst, has mixed benefits and problems (with the problems mostly being supposed loss of sensitivity).

    BTW, has anyone considered that some of this anti-circ propaganda might be hidden anti-Semitic propaganda, given its role in Jewish religion? (I am not Jewish, but I wonder why people feel that it is their right to oppose something for which there is not, and never will be, incontrovertible proof of its supposed superiority, and which is a religious tradition for many.)

    How come none of you mandatory anticirc people ever can come up with any research data supporting the idea that an unbiased sample of males is significantly opposed to having been circumcised? At best, you manage to find a handful here and there who wish they weren't, even though their parents elected it for them. And many of those males who are presented as opposed, are men in relationships with militant female anticirc supporters, not independent individuals.

    I am not saying that circumcision should be mandatory, but I say that most of the counter-arguments are "straw men" attacks on a widely approved practice. And it certainly should not be mandatorily banned.

    PS all these attempts to equate it to so-called "female circumcision" are bogus -- there is no one-to-one correspondence, obviously, and one has ample evidence that male circumcision does not reduce, and may even enhance, functioning, while the aim of FGM (female genital mutilation, as it is more properly called) is specifically to excise those areas that do provide satisfaction to the female.

    There are many, many women who, when given freedom of speech, vigorously oppose their own FGM. Where are the hordes of circumcised men crying out that they have lost their ability to enjoy the act as a result of circumcision?

    Anticircers, do what you want on the matter with your own sons, and deal with their reactions when they are grown. But just as feminists say hands off their bodies, I say hands off my right to do what I believe is right for my own son, and which is supported by the vast majority of those who are adults circumcised in infancy.

    Circumcision in infancy should neither be mandatory nor mandatorily prohibited. The state (or lobby groups) do not know what is best, only what is popular to some.

  36. I am a 26 year old male who was circumcised at birth. From what I see the only actual negative to having this procedure done is loss of sensitivity. Well let me tell you that is an amazing side effect if it is indeed true. I already have trouble lasting as long as I want to while engaged in sexual activity, can you imagine if it were any more sensitive?

    Besides that, I can't believe there are women(and to a lesser degree men) out there that live in a predominately circumcised nation that would subject their child to the scrutiny of being obviously different during a time that is already stressful enough(puberty and showering in the gym). These mothers who do this just to make a point are disgusting, you are supposed to give your child every advantage, not purposefully make him different from everyone else because you need some kind of movement to give your life meaning.

    That being said, if you live in a nation that is mostly uncirc'd I would suggest that even if you don't agree with it, for your childs well being, that you leave him intact. We are here to be advocates for our children, and give them the best chance at having a good life, not martyr them to make a point.

  37. Lol, despite propaganda like this, rates are dropping in the US as people are learning what bullshit circumcision is.

    This blog only preach to the already converted. It in no way can convince those who learn the truth.