Saturday, January 9, 2010

Removal of Foreskin Rids Penis of Bad Bacteria, Study Shows

In another exciting study just released, medical researchers have confirmed that the removal of the foreskin allows the clean-cut penis to shed bad bacteria that can harm both the male and his female partners.

Here's the article from New Scientist

"A flap of foreskin isn't the only thing missing after a circumcision. Microbes that call the penis home disappear, too, which could explain why the procedure reduces a man's chance of contracting HIV.

"The microbes change dramatically," says Lance Price, a microbiologist at the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Flagstaff, Arizona, whose team identified thousands of microbes on the penises of 12 HIV-negative men. All had participated in a clinical study in Uganda which showed that circumcision halves the chances of getting the virus.

"The team discovered a total of 38 families of bacteria on the men's penises before circumcision, and 36 a year after. But the make-up of these communities had swung. Gone were a diverse population of bacteria intolerant of oxygen and linked with vaginal infection; now there was a more homogenous air-loving lot, more typical of other patches of skin.

"Price thinks that some of the expelled bacteria provoke an immune reaction on an uncircumcised penis, causing specialised immune cells to shuttle HIV throughout the body.
Residents of the penis

"Even where religion, culture or costs prevent widespread circumcision, Price says the work could be a first step in delivering the benefits of the procedure without surgery. "The really interesting thing about this study is the potential to modify somebody's risk for HIV."

"His team next plans to determine which microbes are most common on the penises of men who go onto to acquire HIV. Targeting these bacteria with antibiotics – while leaving harmless or even helpful residents of the penis alone – could stem the spread of HIV, he says.

"Martin Blaser, a microbiologist at New York University, says the new study is the most comprehensive look yet at the microbes living on the penis. But given that microbial populations on other parts of the body shift over time, he wonders whether the pre-circumcision bacteria will return. "I expect it will stay changed," he says.


  1. And exactly how many microbes do you think are present in a female vagina? I'm guessing a lot. Guess you recommend chopping the labia off of little girls too then?

  2. I dont know how some people can really compare a foreskin with a labia. There two very different body parts. The foreskin has no use and only causes problems and that's why we had it cut off our two sons at birth. I never heard any reports about the labia giving girls problems. Has anyone else? Thanks for a cool blog, man. I just told my sister to read it because she's expecting!

    1. Useless ?! It has 20,000 nerve endings that amplify pleasure, it keeps the gland moist , and actually has microcidal properties. And I'm shocked that you claim women never have any issues as women are 10 times more likely to contract UTI's, and on the daily you see ads for products concerning female hygiene and odor

  3. "Cancer of the vulva (also known as vulvar cancer) most often affects the inner edges of the labia majora or the labia minora. Less often, cancer occurs on the clitoris or in the Bartholin glands.

    About 8% of vulvar cancers are adenocarcinomas, the type of cancer that develops in gland cells. Vulvar adenocarcinomas most often start in cells of the Bartholin glands. These glands are found just inside the opening of the vagina. A Bartholin gland cancer is easily mistaken for a cyst (accumulation of fluid in the gland), so a delay in accurate diagnosis is common. Most Bartholin gland cancers are adenocarcinomas. Adenocarcinomas can also form in the sweat glands of the vulvar skin.

    Paget disease of the vulva is a condition in which adenocarcinoma cells are found in the top layer of the vulvar skin. Up to 25% of patients with vulvar Paget disease also have an invasive vulvar adenocarcinoma (in a Bartholin gland or sweat gland). In the remaining patients, the cancer cells are found only in the skin's top layer and have not grown into the tissues below.

    Another type of vulvar cancer is melanoma. Melanomas develop from the pigment-producing cells that give skin color. About 5% to 8% of melanomas in women occur on the vulva, usually on the labia minora and clitoris. "

  4. Very interesting blog, man. We had our 2 sons circumcised because everyone knows its cleaner. That study just proves it. Why would anyone want a foreskin anyway? But if getting rid of it means getting rid of bad bacteria, seems like a no brainer.

  5. "foreskin has no use and only causes problems"

    "circumcised because everyone knows its cleaner...why would anyone want a foreskin anyway?"

    Are you people serious????

    This entire blog is out of order!

  6. This just confirms my suspicions!

  7. I am definitely in favor of universal circumcision

  8. I don't mean to suggest that this new study is unimportant - far from it - but it should be noted that it is far from the first study to investigate the relationship between the presence of the prepuce and bacterial flora. The following studies have also investigated the issue:

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  10. Anyone take this guy up on his penis health offer?

    This study argues more for a measured approach to the problem. If the bad bacteria can be booted, maybe circumcision isn't needed. Then again, circumcised men can still get HIV from sexual intercourse, so the bacteria aren't the whole story.

  11. Lets start universally circumsising all females for the next 50 years, and then do studies showing how is improved vagina health and decreased labial cancer.
    How does that sound, and maybe we can have free clinics where we take females and slice useless floppy skin that looks like roast beef anyway. Why would any female want to have roast beef hanging around? It cuts down on bacteria too. Awesome. Lets reverse the argument and now how does it sound? Maybe start a national campaign to promote women's health. How does that sound?

  12. wow, as a female that enjoys her man's penis, health is an issue but i never thought there was vitamins for penial health. I will have to look in to that. As far as circumsision is concerned, if it does reduce bacteria, i would think that so does a good shower, neither of my son's were cut because in the hispanic community that is not a norm and was not for my husband. He nor my sons have had any type of infections do to bacteria but now with age, knowledge and experience i wish i would of had my sons taken care of when they were born. My brother had it done when he was 40, yikes... painful, disconfort but was necessary because of an unfaithful wife and reoccuring infections. Penial health starts with its owner and should be cared for as any other organ. Dispite its wear and tear i believe it is a personal choice and as a woman it looks more approachable that not.again its a matter of choice and personal health and hygine... good luck boys !

  13. No,let's DON'T do any invasive cutting on females and certainly not against their will, which is illegal anyway, thanks to Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder of Colorado, she very appropriately refused to extend the same protection to infant/adolescent males. Protect females, CUT MALES. Genesis 17 says to CUT MALES, and says nothing about cutting females. In this case religion may have reached correct conclusion before science got there. Remove every foreskin from every penis and be done with it. Pain? He won't remember it.

  14. As a muslim girl, i think all man at our religious are cut around their age 10. its very beautiful. no skin over their material is very attractive.

  15. All muslim women are to be cut around their clitoral hood, this is to make women equal with men, and i think its a very good practice, especially for female health. With this new study it would also be good for western women to be cut, remove every clitoral hood, from every clitoris, it will be no problem for women because they alredy support male circumcision aswell, and for the pain, we do it while their still a baby and wont remember it, yeah thats good :)

  16. Well, atleast we are having a better sex life.

  17. I am a white, 64 year old, uncircumcised male. I recently had 2 urinalysises done and the results came back okay. My doctor included on the papers she gave me - to turn into my urologist when I see him, that "periurethral flora present". Can you tell me what this means in layman's terms and what - if anything - it could suggest or be helpful to my urologist when he sees me?
    For about 2 weeks now, I have severe burning and the weekend before it was quite painful -I thought I was going to die.
    I really would like feedback on this as soon as possible.

  18. lust because the jews do it doesn't mean its proper .What did god make a mistake in our design .NO Pull the skin back and wash there too .Think of the de sensation of it un protected rubbing against your undies all day .And yes how much bacteria living in womans vagina .