Thursday, April 30, 2009

Circumcision Prevents Child Abduction

There are so many good health reasons to circumcise little boys that you don't really need to consider other reasons like religion, culture, family, and societal norms. But a lot of factors play into the growing support for universal male circumcision.

But this story provides one reason that I reject as an incentive to circumcise -- the prevention of child abduction. Turns out that in northern Uganda little boys are being abducted for child sacrifice. That's sick and a crime, and the perpetrators should be prosecuted. Parents in that region say that the abductors do not want circumcised boys (or those wearing earings), so more little boys are being circumcised to protect them from being abducted and killed.

Now I'm in favor of almost every reason you can conjure to circumcise males, but this one is totally unacceptable. Go after the criminals! Here's an excerpt from the story:

"Uganda: Circumcision, earrings deter child murder"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"More cases of child trafficking and abuse are being reported in the northern Ugandan districts of Gulu, Kitgum and Pader, according to officials. The region is mainly inhabited by an internally displaced population recovering from over a decade of war. . . . Recently, Uganda’s chief judge Benjamin Odoki urged the courts to pass tougher sentences for those involved in child abuse offenses. In the meantime, parents in the north have taken to circumcising their children and adorning them with earrings to deter would be perpetrators. "I hear that witchdoctors do not want circumcised children or those with earrings," Lukwayi Ayot, a local resident told IRIN. "I have decided to circumcise my two boys." Schools have embraced the practice too, said Ayot a local teacher. "We do not forbid any child from wearing earrings in school... to protect them."


  1. As a reason for circumcision it might be dubious - but all I can say is if I lived there I'd certainly have my sons circumcised (which I think is a good thing anyway) and give them earings (which I don't think is such a good idea). Why would you gamble with your child's life?


  2. Thanks, James, for your comment. I agree that I would certainly have my sons circumcised, but I would do so because of all the health advantages. But I see your point: if circumcision kept your son from being abducted and killed, you have no alternative. But this is hardly a positive pro-circ argument!

  3. And Uganda is a member of the UNO, lecturing the US and rest of the West over human rights and racial equality.

  4. Every male organ should meet the doctor's scalpel and be operated upon.