Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why is America Falling Behind Africa in Pushing Circumcision?

There is terrible irony when it comes to governmental action to promote the circumcision of males. The USA is falling behind, just at a time when its taxpayers are spending millions of dollars to circumcise African males as part of the international attack on the deadly HIV.

While governments in countries like Uganda and Kenya are actively promoting circumcision, the US government turns a blind eye to the growing number of uncircumcised males in America. Here's what Africa Science News reports about Kenya: "The government has entered into a massive campaign advocating for male circumcision to help in reducing the HIV burden in the country where last year, over 18,000 males were circumcised between the age of 15-49 and targets to circumcise at least 50,000 males per year during the drive."

Where is the leadership in the USA? This blog is devoted to an intelligent debate on the question of whether all males should be required to be circumcised for their own protection, that of their partners, and society as a whole. Even the tiny little country of Suriname is offering free circumcisions to encourage a 100% foreskin-free nation!

And in the Phillipines, the U.S. military actually assists in providing free circumcisions to the villages in a country where 100% circumcision is de facto, if not de jure, required. Why isn't the U.S. Army medical corps offering the same to American citizens who are footing the bill?

How ironic if other nations around the world heed the advice of American (and other) medical researchers before we do so ourselves. Ironic and tragic.


  1. Amputating normal, healthy, living body parts from other people without their informed, adult, written consent is assault and battery, a human rights violation, a crime against humanity, the same one Nazi doctors were convicted of after WWII at the Nuremburg trials. The name of this ghoulish, perverted, dangerous, heinous crime is "human vivisection". All who engage in it belong in jail with the Nazis.

    "Mass involuntary circumcision has failed to achieve any of the public health benefits its advocates have claimed for it; but even if it had achieved them all, there can be no scientific or ethical justification for depriving anyone of sovereignty over his own sex organs. Neonatal circumcision violates bodily integrity and imposes on an unconsenting individual a diminished penis for life. In the wake of the Nuremberg trials, it is inappropriate for doctors to persist in performing or advocating involuntary penile reduction surgery on healthy, normal individuals. The totalitarian concept of involuntary prophylactic surgery espoused by circumcision advocates has no place in modern medicine or the civilized world. The key to decreasing the transmission of STDs is education, not amputation."

    P M Fleiss, MD; F M Hodges, PhD; R S Van Howe, MD, in
    Immunological functions of the human prepuce
    Volume 74, Number 5, Pages 364-367,
    October 1998


  3. Three postings, over 35 comments, and still not one supporting your proposition that circumcision be mandated or universally applied. At this rate, it shouldn't be too long before you realize that there is very little, if any, support for mandatory or universal circumcision.

  4. "Why is America Falling Behind Africa in Pushing Circumcision?"

    Let me count the ways:

    1. Because the HIV rate in Africa is many times that in the US;

    2. Because HIV is spread in the US mainly by IV drug use and male-male transmission, but in Africa female-male (the only way circumcision could possibly have an effect) is significant. (Actually, dirty needles probably account for a much greater proportion of HIV transmission in Africa than is generally acknowledged, making circumcision moot.)

    3. Because condoms are readily available in the US, and so is information about them, unlike Africa;

    4. Because the circumcisionist coterie has been targetting Africa;

    5. Because people in the US are starting to see that the claims of circumcision benefits are fraudulent.

    6. Because people in the US are at last starting to apply a human rights paradigm to male genital cutting;

    7. Because thanks to the Internet, people in the US are learning that the rest of the world does not circumcise, and actually thinks people in the US are a bit odd for continuing to do so. (I have just heard about a new father in New Zealand who, asked if he wanted his son circumcised, drove the doctor from the room and wouldn't let him near his wife or son again.)

    That list is not complete, but it will do to go on with.

  5. You ask us to debate "...whether all males should be required to be circumcised..."

    Do you mean adults should be circumcised against their will? Children against their parents will? If not, what do you mean by required?

    I am not a violent man, but I would kill anyone who tried to circumcise me, and I don't think I'd be alone.

  6. Ok, if circ really helps prevent STD's and all the other stuff, then why did I get an STD from a one night stand? The guy was circumcised. And why did I get 2 UTI's from my boyfriend (who was circumcised and didn't wash it like he should have apparently)? Because CIRCUMCISION DOES NOT WORK YOU FOOLS! Anyone who can make themselves think that this prevents STDS and AIDS more than a condom is living in a dream world. A sick dreamworld.

  7. I vote that the author of this blog should be lobotomized. For the good of all mankind!

  8. A lobotomy disconnects the higher brain functions, such as empathy - hold on, are you sure it's not too late?

  9. it appears that most of the previous surveys were flawed and the foreskin produces anti viral chemicals that mop up hiv actually killing off the virus before it enters the blood stream ,it is possible that circumcision is being promoted in africa to actually kill off as many africans as possible in the knowledge that circumcision does not really protect at all but assists viral spread.this may be a cog in the world domination machine

  10. the problem with surveys etc is that almost all of them are sponsered by the u.s. and as expected they always find in fovour of circumcision because thats what they set out to promote.the fact of the matter is the rest of the world do not do many surveys on circumcision because no-one is interested in or wants to have a circumcision because they see it as a bad thing,therefore hardly any unbiased sensibly run surveys are carried out to oppose the u.s.
    pro-circ spin so lets take the higher morale ground and say its up to the individual if he wants to get cut as an adult and leave the children natural for them to make informed decisions about themselves in adulthood.

  11. Could the real reason behind promoting circumcision and "tapping Africa" be cosmetics?

    Yep, it is true that foreskins are sold to companies who then used them (foreskin fibroblasts) to make a culture (to cultivate new cells).

    There are loads of articles on the practice ... here are a couple ...

    Even Oprah endorses it for cosmetics

    So, could there be an invested interest in making circumcision popular again? or at least getting a crapload of them from, say, a third world country?

    Enquiring minds want to know ......

  12. its obvious there's an agenda to promote circumcision for any reason or with any lie and no doubt the c.d.c. will eventually start recommending it as a favourable option based on some old lies and myths just so long as they can keep the brain washing machine rolling ,after all they wouldn't want to let their buddies down making all that cash from needlessly mutilating babies genitals and of course the other buddies in the pharmaceutical industries they rely on for so many cash handouts rely on constant supplies of foreskins and meanwhile babies suffer.