Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Foreskin on the Forehead: The Latest in Beauty"

A fellow named Buck Wolf posted that headline and the following article on Friday. Turns out the Brits have found at least one good use for the otherwise disgusting foreskin -- grind it up and use it in skin treatments. The product is called Vavelta (not to be confused with Velveeta, the cheese product that foreskins and smegma might remind you of), and it apparently really helps damaged skin. So instead of discarding those ugly little pieces of foreskin, let's recycle them to help our ladies!

"If you find the idea of taking Botox injections disgusting, why not try a little foreskin on the forehead? Scientific American is reporting that 150 patients in Britain have received injections of Vavelta, a skin treatment derived from the discarded foreskins of babies intended to rejuvenate damaged skin, including wrinkles, acne, burns and surgical incisions.

"It seems that Vavelta is brimming with fibrobrasts, a skin firming protein that becomes scarce with age. The treatment is approved in the U.K., but the F.D.A. has yet to approve the drug.
Of course, many boys have been circumcised for generations, and no one seems to ask where the foreskins end up. Some, we now now, end up on women's faces. But if you support stem cell research (and I do), how can you oppose this?"


  1. Wow - can you imagine how much good people like you could do with a baby girls severed labia minora and majora ?

  2. Excuse me, Anonymous, but this is the crazy whacky argument the anti-circ foreskin lovers always use. Who, my friend, is arguing to cut the genitals of girls? Not me. The FLs weaken their case every time they try to equate male circumcision (a proven health measure) with female genital mutilation (of no health benefit at all). So, give me a break, dude. Stick to the subject. Because you cannot argue against the health benefits of male circumcision, you try to change the subject. No wonder you're losing with the public.

  3. The shoe on the other foot argument is a classical argument. It is not "wacky" & it is not "crazy". It's meant to get the point across. I see however that even a good point is pointless with circumfetish perverts! As for this nonsense about MGM being a proven health measure, you're 100 years behind the times! The Pimps of Perversion used this health BS in the late 1800's. They stated that their perversion prevented 1)Syphilis 2)Gonorrhea 3)Insanity 4)Immororality - Adultry 5)Bad Breath 6)feeble mindedness 7)cancer 8)masturbation 9)Gastrointestinal Disorders & 10)Every other ailment known to man! What does 100 years of their circumfetish perversion prove? Its proves that they are 1)LIARS 2)LIARS 3)LIARS 4)LIARS 5)LIARS 6)LIARS 7)LIARS 8)LIARS 9)LIARS & finally 10)LAIRS. Your nonsensical argument about health benifits has already been proven to be nothing better than a big bag of lies! You have missed you century.

  4. The Good News is that all the uncut men will eventually die out due to disease and infections. Their sex partners will die too. Anyone remember Jade Goody ??
    The anti viral vaccine is only 80% effective at the very best. It has produced some nasty allergic reactions in schoolgirls.
    This will not persuade the Luddites of the Foreskin Fetishists league though. Let them rot and be damned.

  5. You wrote this - The GOOD news is uncut men will die & their women to! And let them rot & be damned as well? - Not just die, but be damned to rot afterwards as well?
    Since creation is one way & you are the other it seems like you, a pimp of perversion, should die! You should have a mill stone hung around your neck & be bound in strong chains & be dragged down into the bottomless pit forever.

  6. Well I am happy to know others know of and persist in the FACT of the proven health benefits.

    I do believe that anytime the anti-circs use FGM as a point it weakens their case, and everytime I hear less sensations I know they are full of it, always using bloated figures

  7. Provoking Debates Best FriendMarch 2, 2013 at 12:39 AM

    What the OP failed to mention was that his mother was one of the few people to first try out Vavelta, before it hitting the public market. I know this because i was the one who administered it to her in its raw form. You see i rubbed my foreskin on her face for 1 hour daily in a 3 month span.

    The results were miraculous to say the least. Only a slight case of sweaty balls stench remained on his mothers brow. This of course was remedied once the actual product hit the market by washing the foreskins first.