Monday, May 25, 2009

TSA Full Body Scanners Can See Circumcisions

We all know the stories about uncircumcised males being embarrassed about their foreskins, at least in circumcised countries like America. Turns out the new full body imaging scanners being put in place by the TSA at airports across the country are so detailed that TSA will soon know the circumcision status of every dude who gets scanned. I haven't yet heard if the anti-circumcision groups are up-in-foreskins, oops, I mean up-in-arms about this, but it wouldn't surprise me. Keeping track of the nation's uncircumcised males is one way to know who is the most likely threat to public health, I suppose. The TSA is obviously looking for objects and devices that can blow up planes, but I dare say that more people have died from foreskins infecting a male or his partners (especially female) with HIV, HPV, STDs, and other ailments than from a bomb on board an American plane.

Anybody think the day will come when the TSA will haul aside uncircumcised dudes and send them off to a doctor? I admit, that's extreme. But you do wonder whether knowledge that a man's circumcision status will be checked every time he goes through an airport has any impact on circumcision rates in the USA.


  1. These devices work in the millimetre waveband, so the finest detail they can see cannot be more than a millimetre or two. This seems unlikely to be good enough to see if a man is circumcised or not. But one thing is certain - a PA will be very obvious indeed!

  2. This blog is so extremely ridiculous, I can’t help but assume it’s Poe’s Law in action… i.e., a troll blog, an attempt to get people upset that anyone would be so stupid. I’m curious if this blog will continue the trend and go even further over the edge, or pull back and bit to avoid too many assuming this is a joke… either way, Poe’s Law has been invoked.

  3. What an idiotic blog, written by a typical anti-freedom, modern American sheep.
    That you see foreskins as a problem and the TSA as NOT a problem speaks volumes about your character (or should I say lack of character.) It's people like you that almost make me want the conspiracy theories of "FEMA camps to be true... it would be amusing to see people like you herded into them. (Poetic justice!)

  4. Provoking Debate's Best FriendMarch 2, 2013 at 12:29 AM

    What the OP failed to mention was that his mother is quite fond of foreskins. My foreskin to be exact. Whenever we get together she grabs it with both her hands and blows into it like a Kazoo. Buzzzzz Buzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!